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Turbonegro Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne, Australia

When Turbonegro are in town, you know from the outset it is going to be a big night. A big fuckn night! With the Hifi Bar long sold out for this gig, a classic night of bonafide hard and fast Punk Rock was set to be delivered to Melbourne’s branch of the Turbojugend…

The denim jackets and sailor hats were plentiful at the Hifi Bar long before Turbonegro hit the stage.

Opening proceedings tonight were Melbourne’s Bugdust. This was the first time I had seen them and I can safely say I was absolutely blown away by their performance. They were superb stomping out some killer hard rock with finesse, attitude and true Rock N Roll style. I quickly rushed to the pit to take some photos of them and noticed their lead singer/guitarist was Adam Cole who was Ace Frehley’s guitar tech on the Australian Tour a couple of years ago. He threw a nod my way, I reciprocated and continued to enjoy their absolutely kick ass set. I can assure you, I will be back to see these guys again – they were fantastic! Colour me blown away!

It was a arduous 40 minute wait before Turbonegro hit the stage. The crowd had quickly filled up every square inch of the Hifi and the photo pit was full to the brim with photographers, video dudes, and security. It was going to be a crowded shoot today and with the obligatory punters flying over the barrier, it was going to be a tough night.

A good half an hour before showtime, and the crowd is singing “I GOT ERECTION” at the top of their collective lungs. So you can imagine the release of energy that occurred as soon as the band took control of the stage.

It was mayhem and at the same time a sight to behold as a tattooed fat belly of new crooner Tony Sylvester – the Duke Of Nothing was wedged tight in my face and camera’s viewfinder! I swear to God that inked tiger was singing right at me!

Photographically, I should have done better tonight. The Hifi Bar was beautifully lit for a change but I just felt I wasn’t on my A-game tonight and the photos suffered for it. A lot of stupid, lazy mistakes and the resulting photos are not up to par.

Still, I finally experienced a band I have always wanted to see and here’s hoping I get another crack at them again in the future!

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