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Einstürzende Neubauten Live @ The Palace, Melbourne

Einstürzende Neubauten are the stuff of legend. Their influence on what is now known as Industrial music is the stuff of legend. For instance, there would be no Ministry or Skinny Puppy or Nine Inch Nails without these guys pioneering the sound and ethos…

I was excited about tonight’s gig and jumped at the chance when offered the opportunity to photograph it.

Standing in the photo pit pre-show, I marvelled at all the custom-made instrumentation that were scattered throughout the stage. It looked like a veritable metal junkyard and with great anticipation, I couldn’t wait to hear what it all sounded like.

On cue the band took the stage. Dimly lit and atmospheric, that junkyard came to life as the band kicked off their eclectic set in such a low-key and sombre tone that I could actually hear my camera’s shutter clicking with every photo I took. Now that, that is an absolute first if you look at the other calibre of acts I usually photograph.

Lead singer Blixa Bargeld proved to be very popular with the adoring crowd probably because of his long time stint as a Bad Seed in Nick Cave’s crew.The band cruised through a nearly two-hour set banging, crashing and smashing every conceivable surface and object creating such an organic and at the same time, visceral soundscape.

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