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Blue Öyster Cult Live @ The Prince Bandroom, Melbourne

Arriving at the Prince Bandroom, I was greeted with a massive queue leading into the venue for tonight’s Blue Öyster Cult gig. I haven’t shot at the Prince much, twice before actually… Die Antwoord sometime in 2010, and Rowland S Howard in 2009…

Once inside, the first thing I noticed was that there was absolutely no room to take photos. No pit. No where to get a decent shot. I cursed my luck and wasn’t looking forward to the night ahead.If I was to get any sort of shot, I would have to improvise.

Blue Öyster Cult are one of those timeless classic bands. Although the line up only featured two of the original members, Buck Dharma and Eric Bloom – that still didn’t stop the venue being at capacity witnessing these old timers put in an epic two hour set.

I did as best as I possibly could to shoot the gig spending the first half at stage left and the second half at stage right.

A very tough night’s work I can assure you…

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