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Otep Live @ The Hifi Bar, Melbourne

I’ve now officially shot my last show at the Hifi Bar. I have kicked and screamed and whined and moaned about its awful lighting for nearly every shoot I have done there. Tonight was the final straw…

When the act themselves comments about the lighting after the first song, you know something is wrong…

Otep pleaded with the ‘lighting’ guy to turn on the lights. After her response was ignored, she asked again and he bathed the stage with that awful Hifi Bar ‘red’ we’ve all become accustomed to.

Ugh! Total utter farce. It is impossible to photograph in there under such conditions.

I later found out that the band’s tour manager approached the lighting desk only to find out there as no lighting guy and the sound guy was blindly twiddling knobs to get some sort of lighting on the stage.I give up. Hifi Bar, thanks for the memories…


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