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PiL Live @ The Palace, Melbourne, Australia

Even though the majority of acts that I photograph are usually from the Metal sphere, it was hard to knock back the opportunity to photograph an icon legend in John Lydon.

There were several photographers present for tonight’s shoot. We had all been instructed to meet our contact outside the ticketing booth at a certain time. As we were all anxiously waiting, our contact was no where to be seen…

As the time creeped closer and closer to showtime, we collectively decided to move straight for the photo pit or we would be too late. We could not wait for our contact any longer.

In single file we marched towards the pit making our way through a very large and generous crowd.

We were pretty much in position just as John Lydon appeared and began his set.

From the outset, the band sounded amazing as did John who put so much emotion and effort into each and every lyric.

Sure felt great having the opportunity to photograph a Sex Pistol!

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