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Opeth & Katatonia Live @ The Palace, Melbourne

I have honestly lost count of the amount of times I have seen Opeth live. They regularly tour Australia on each tour they undertake and almost always without fail, they never, ever disappoint. I believe tonight was the second time I have photographed them having shot them on their last tour in 2009…

I arrived early at the venue as I wanted to photograph tonight’s openers Katatonia as well.

What greeted me on arrival at the venue was a queue that stretched down the length of two city lanes as many had come early to see Katatonia too.

I could have just waltzed in, flashed my media pass and beat the queue but I said fuck it, I wanted to feel the vibe of the people so I trekked all the way to the end of the queue just to get into the right frame of mind. As you do.

Once inside, the usual chit-chat with my fellow photogs in the photopit as we waited for Katatonia to hit the stage.

My phone was going mental as colleagues in the audience were demanding I try to get a photo of Katatonia’s lead singer. This proved to be a completely impossible task as his long hair, frustratingly, covered his face for the duration of the band’s fine set.

Most label Katatonia and Opeth clone, but they held their own tonight and delivered a wonderful set.

And then Opeth took command. I always do enjoy shooting them because a three song limit with Opeth, usually lasts about 40 minutes!

Again, they were superb.





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