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Killing Joke Live @ Billboard, Melbourne, Australia

I’d known about this gig for a long, long time (I do work for the promoter) so I was super excited for a very long, long time about its impending arrival on the calendar.

It’s always that extra bit special photographing the top-shelf, and Killing Joke are certainly a classic band and one that warrants the top-shelf tag…

With a packed Billboard in attendance, I made my way to the designated photo-pit and was approached by one of the band’s roadies who instructed me on what to do with the spotlight at centre stage.

“Make sure the light is hitting Jaz’s face as he will be standing right in front and I need it calibrated.”

Last time I checked, I was there to shoot the show, not light it – but hey, I was happy to oblige if it meant I could score a decent shot or two!

The band hit the stage and true to the roadie’s word, Jaz took command of centre stage and refused to let go. Prancing, jumping and leering deep into the pit and front row of the venue. I quickly adjusted the light to hit his face and got burnt in the process as the metal container of the stage light was blistering hot! I didn’t get warned about that one hey?

Killing Joke were in superb form and put forth a set as blistering as the aforementioned stage-light.

Several times I caught Jaz totally hamming it up for the camera staring down the barrel of the lens till I began to feel uncomfortable! Such an amazing frontman that has literally stood the test of time.

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