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Kylesa Live @ The Espy, Melbourne, Australia

Over the past five years or so, Kylesa have ranked as one of my fave bands.

Their discography gets liberal doses of airtime at very regular intervals. Hey, I’m a fan! A big fan!So it was with great excitement that I greeted their tour of Australia that is happening as we speak. I quickly looked at the dates trying to line up the night I could actually shoot them.

As they were playing smaller venues which aren’t too photographer-friendly, I didn’t have a very easy decision to make as going to a shoot and coming back with garbage, more often than not, leaves me in a foul mood.

At one point I wasn’t even gonna bother shooting the gig but I got an invitation from the promoter to cover the St Kilda Espy gig. I have only ever shot their once before, (Nashville Pussy back in 2010 I think) and haven’t put my hand up to shoot their again.But, seeing as it is in my ‘hood and my strong love for the band, I thought I would give it a go. How bad could it be?

Once the band hit the stage, I soon noticed that whatever lights were hooked up, didn’t necessarily mean they were gonna get used. So in a very, very dimly lit stage… well, lit by a rotating, spiralling strobe that cast strong, dark shadows (shadows, the opposite of light!) over all and sundry! The only way to get a shot in was to wait patiently for the light to spiral onto the band’s faces so I could quickly get a shot in. It wasn’t easy but thankfully to a ‘shoot the entire gig’ policy, I managed to get an ‘ok’ shot here and there.

Still, it was a great gig! They are truly an amazing band and I am so glad I have finally had a chance to see them!

With gratitude and thanks to Heathen Skulls, Rob and Cath!

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