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Diamanda Galás Live @ Theatre Royal, Hobart, Tasmania

Das Fieberspital

I was given the unique and utterly rewarding opportunity to photograph a personal idol of mine last night. I don’t usually get overtly emotional about the plethora of artists I have shot over the years. Of course, there are always exceptions, but photographing Diamanda Galás is akin to being part of a seclusive, tragic little nightmare. It’s like bearing witness to someone’s inner demons and the dark, lonely out of sight souls that inhabit the stage and auditoria when Ms Galás performs will stay with you for years to come. Brushing past your shoulder right next to the shivers making their way down your spine – the sheer blackness she evokes will move you forevermore. When this queen of the dark unleashes hell in every octave known to man and beast… your life will change.

A pleasure that will not soon forgotten…




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