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Jesse Leach Spoken Word

Tonight was the night of the spoken word show ‘Memories, Words And Songs’ by Killswitch Engage’s frontman, Jesse Leach.

I was honoured to be a ‘part’ of this somewhat, as my photo of Jesse was used throughout the advertising collateral and was available for sale as a strictly limited edition signed print.

This was to be Jesse’s first ever spoken word performance so you could feel the slight edge of nervousness within the man and the room just before he began the show.

The event was sponsored and promoted by my good friends Anthony and Amelie from my second home, Eureka Rebellion Trading.

So within the confines of Eureka, a full room of fans and various media personalities we all sat in anticipation and genuine awe as Jesse took command.

He is an incredibly charismatic individual and as the performance kicked in, the nerves subsided.

Even tho I consider myself a pretty keen fan of Killswitch Engage, I can honestly say, I didn’t really know too much about Jesse. I knew he was in the band, left the band, formed Seamless (who were a fantastic band in their own right), and then returned to the Killswitch fold. That, was the extent of my knowledge so the spoken word gig tonight, filled in all the blanks perfectly.

It seems his return to Killswitch not only reignited a somewhat stagnating band, but it also has taken Jesse to a good space.

Jesse took us all on an open and honest journey throughout the course of his life via a selection of memories and various forms of prose and poetry. In the blink of an eye, two hours had passed before a slight pause and then a Q&A session with the fans.

Hard not to argue this was a successful night for all involved. For a first spoken word performance it was tight, smooth and somewhat seamless! (see what I did there?) I would definitely encourage Jesse to do more of these shows. I am sure many of his fans worldwide would be highly envious of those who got to spend some time with him tonight in this format.

If you would like to purchase a signed LIMITED EDITION print of Jesse (there are only 20 available) – please contact Eureka Rebellion Trading on (03) 9939 8932. Hurry! They are selling fast!

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  1. Hey mate, I was at the Spoken Word night last night and I didn’t see the photo prints that were for sale. Are there any left? If there are i would like one!

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