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King Parrot Live @ The Gasometer, Melbourne, Australia

I got to the Gasometer hotel a little before 6pm as I had to do a quick promotional shoot with hard rockers Dead City Ruins. The boys were on tonight’s bill along with King Parrot and Killswitch Engage’s Jesse Leach who was doing a DJ set.

We decided to do the shoot as close to the venue as possible to keep things all practical and as to not disturb the band’s routine preparing for the gig.

The shoot went great. We got some wonderful photos that will be revealed in the forthcoming issue of HEAVY magazine. The shots are embargoed until then, but I’ll discuss them on this blog at a later date. Patience.

In between today’s early evening shoot and by the time Dead City Ruins hit the stage, I had to drive back home to St Kilda, select the best of the shoot, edit them, finalise them and then send them to my editor at HEAVY for publication. Done.

I made it back to the Gasometer just in time for Dead City Ruins took the stage. The band was sporting an entirely brand new rhythm section from when I last saw them and as always, when these boys take the stage they truly rock it with the best of them.

They look great. They sound amazing and with ease, they deliver a brand of world class hard rock n roll that would and can rival any international act playing this genre.

Now… King Parrot.

I’ve been going to gigs since the 80’s. Seen them all. I’ve been shooting Metal gigs for the last seven years. Shot them all. All the biggies who come through town. All the legends. All the ferocity and bravado that goes with it.

No one. Not a one comes close to what these insane cunts dish out from the beginning of their set, till the very last note and fade of the dial.

I fear for my life every time I photograph them. I’ll count the bruises tomorrow but for now, welcome home boys!

Tonight’s gig, was one out of the box. It was as ferocious a show as I have ever been to. Bodies, debris, blood, sweat, and maybe the occasional tear or two – were flying everywhere. It was feral. Utterly gung ho and at one point the only respite I could get, was to jump on the stage and take shots of the band practically behind them. Mayhem personified.

But it always is when King Parrot come to play.

We have in our very midst, Australia’s great big white hope. Leading the way for Australian Metal and extreme music with clenched fist and gusto.

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