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Dead City Ruins Promo Shoot

Local hard rock heroes Dead City Ruins were on the bill for King Parrot’s return to Melbourne gig a couple of weeks ago. HEAVY magazine, who I shoot extensively for, were wanting a quick and nasty promo shoot with Dead City Ruins so one was organised post-haste.

We really did not have a lot of time to plan for this. Barely 24 hours. Seeing as I would only have the band for a limited time too, I decided that it would be best to do the shoot as close to the venue as possible.

I remembered a cool looking lane directly behind the Gasometer, the venue for the night, so we had arranged to do the shoot there. It was close. It wouldn’t in-convene anyone and I was very confident I could make it look bitching!

A day before the shoot, I went and checked it all out and took some preliminary photos of the location to show the band and my editor. I like being as prepared as humanly possible so that the shoot goes by without any sort of problem so a preliminary test-shoot for me is crucial.

I emailed the test photos to the band and my editor and things were pretty much locked in.

On the day of the shoot, I arrived at the Gasometer at exactly 6pm and met up with the band and my editor.

By 6.30 the shoot had been done. Due to yesterday’s preparation, the shoot went by without a hitch.

But, there was a deadline to meet so I hurriedly drove from Collingwood to St Kilda. Loaded the photos on my Mac. Selected the best. Edited them and emailed them to my editor within the hour before driving back to the venue to also cover the gig.

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