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Adalita Live @ The Gasometer, Melbourne, Australia

One of my most played albums of the past couple of years has been Adalita’s ‘All Day Venus’. Simply a superb album featuring an amazing collection of songs so finely crafted and delivered as only Adalita can do.

It is a definite go-to album when I want to take things down a notch from the usual bludgeon-riffola I am usually accustomed to and/or associated with. I love my Metal, but I also love escaping it for a while.

As stated, I have played the album to death and it was great to see it performed live tonight as part of Adalita’s residency at the Gasometer Hotel in Collingwood.

It was a last minute decision to attend the gig. I notified my girlfriend about it and we decided to make a night of it and check out Adalita live.

Performing tracks from both her solo albums, Adalita also scattered the set with a couple of new tunes which delighted the good crowd in attendance. Also, a fantastic rendition of the Divinyls’ ‘I’m Jealous’ topped off the night followed by my fave track off ‘All Day Venus’ – ‘Blue Sky’.

Due to a personal family tragedy of late, I have been absent from live music photography over the past month and a half but I took the camera along tonight just in case I felt inspired to take a shot or two.

As expected, the performance was barely lit so I am glad I wasn’t shooting for a magazine or an editor tonight as the photos for the most part, would have been pretty disappointing.

Adalita will be performing at the Gasometer throughout the month of March. Check out the poster below. Do check it out, you may even catch a screening of ‘Creature Of The Black Lagoon’ if you’re lucky!

More info at Adalita’s Official Facebook Page.

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