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Witchgrinder Single Launch

Witchgrinder easily rank as one of my fave Melbourne bands.

Throughout the local scene, no one quite sounds like them. Marrying elements of Thrash Metal and liberal doses of Industrial they sound like a heavier version of Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails and old-school Marilyn Manson.

I’ve photographed the band a couple of times before opening for Ghost and other international acts, but tonight would be the first time I would be covering them at their own show.

Launching their brand new single ‘Bloodlust’ at Melbourne’s infamous Cherry Bar, the place was already packed by the time I got there. (see video below)

The band, quite literally, blew the Cherry Bar to smithereens with two pillars of flame and pyro which were about 8 inches away from me, shot forth 6ft tall wafts of flame. I had to quickly feel around my face to see if my eyebrows were still intact!

At one point, frontman, Travis put his foot over the flame to deflect it more my way! HA! Thanks dude! I needed that!

The band looked great, sounded even better and delivered a killer set that had their quite large fanbase in raptures.

Fantastic night I can assure you. Watch out for these guys and do check them out!


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  1. Hi John, I met you last night at the Cherry gig. I bought you the drink and you gave me your guitar pic 🙂 I had no idea your photos were this good! I have spent the last 2 hours going through every square inch of your website. Thank you for letting me know about it and are your teeshirts averrable in girl sizes too? I want one! YOU ROK!

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