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One Last Supper With The Party Vibez

I had previously photographed Party Vibez frontman Michael Mitchard when we did the modelling shoot for the Key Of Solomon t-shirt range a couple of months ago. I am hoping it was because of that experience and the photos that we achieved made him want to work with me again, this time, some promo photographs for his band Party Vibez.

It proved to be an interesting night!

Over the past few weeks Michael and I were going back and forward on Facebook Messenger throwing ideas out. Whatever stuck, pretty much ended up in the shoot we just did.

We initially decided to do the shoot within the confines of Melbourne’s hallowed Tote Hotel in Collingwood. From that germ of an idea, we decided to go the Last Supper approach and get the boys behind the bar in typical Jesus Christ fashion(!)

One last look at Davinci’s Last Supper on Michael’s phone for inspiration(!)

It sounded good on paper but logistically we had to get permission from the Tote to
a: shoot within the hotel and
b: shoot with the boys behind the bar

Too easy. We had no issues whatsoever so thank you to the Tote and Electrik Dynamite’s Lockie who negotiated on our behalf.

The shoot was originally schedule for last Wednesday night. We figured the middle of the week would be relatively quieter than the weekend as we really did not want to disturb the everyday ebb and flow of the hotel. We had to reschedule last week tho as I was totally under the weather and in no state to leave the confines of my flu-ridden nest!

Tonight, we met a little after 8pm and pretty much had the entire idea sketched out in our heads before we began. The boys had brought along a selection of geek inspired paraphernalia to tart up the scenario.

I watched the hotel’s bar-staff as we strategically placed everything around the bar. I was convinced they though we were all clearly out of our minds! A fully working, life-size Star Wars replica is quite a sight I can assure you! These guys are nuts!

One of the final shots of the night involved beer. Free flowing flying beer. The idea was to try and capture that as best as we could. Ultimately, the final shot was out of focus, but it still works and I feel truly captured the moment. The attitude is there! The feel is there! Fuck focus! (Did I just say that?)

Totally fun shoot! Really looking forward to seeing these guys tear it up live as I have heard nothing but good things about them.

Check out their Facebook page. And do stop on by their Bandcamp page whilst you are at it.

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