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Stoned In St Kilda

I have a love hate kinda relationship with the Prince Bandroom. I love the fact that it is so close to home, but I hate the lack of lighting and any sort of favours for photographers. It is a very difficult venue to shoot at and you’d be hard pressed getting a great photo here. No photo pit so you’re gonna have to try and get a shot from within the crowd. Not fun. Limited lighting or in the case on Friday, a couple of pink and blue lights on all night for the duration of all band’s sets.


Whilst photographically it was a night to forget, musically it proved to be a killer line up of bands opening for Red Fang who were on their first headlining tour of Australia.

Openers Holy Serpent was the one deciding factor that twisted my arm enough to come to the Prince this evening. I’ve had their track ‘Shroom Doom’ on high rotate since I first heard the lads on the Key Of Solomon podcast and I quickly snapped up their latest album which was just recently released. It’s a phenomenal album and live it just sounds all the more better.

Holy Serpent

Next on the bill were high-energy guitar-rock aficionados Warped. High energy they certainly were and they put forth an incredibly energetic Rock show.


King Of The North were up next. I had seen them once or twice before and had always pencilled them in to see again. They are an amazing duo playing a bonafide classic hard rock. Trust me, you ain’t experienced nothing like being a foot away from drummer Danny Leo’s kick drum. My slightly damp hair was well and truly dry by the end of the band’s set! Fantastic band! Pure and simple classic hard rock n roll!

Headliners Red Fang who have been barnstorming across Oz over the last couple of weeks, closed things off brilliantly. By the time they took to the stage, the Prince was well and truly brimming with a collection of stoner rock aficionados. An absolutely blistering set that had the punters clamouring for more. Incredibly well received and there is no doubt they will be back trampling on Aussie stages again.

Red Fang

With thanks to Rob and Kitty of Heathen Skulls.

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