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Pallbearer Live @ Ding Dong Lounge, Melbourne, Australia

One of my most played acts of the last several months has been Pallbearer. The band, hailing from Little Rock, Arkansas, has been making headlines and front page cover features the world over during the last year or so.

Classified as a merely a ‘doom’ band is selling them short some. Already armed with two outstanding releases in 2012’s ‘Sorrow And Extinction’ and 2014’s ‘Foundations of Burden’ – the band seems destined for a huge career.

I was scheduled to see the band in Hobart as part of the annual MONA festivities but alas, this year’s annual pilgrimage to Tasmania didn’t happen so I caught the band at Melbourne’s Ding Dong Lounge last night.

I have never photographed at Ding Dong before, (even if I have been a part of two photo exhibitions at the place) – so I wasn’t too familiar with what to expect technically and photographically.

I arrived at the venue in time to catch opener’s Child set and they went a long way to impress me with a solid performance that was greeted enthusiastically by the punters. I pencilled the guys in as a ‘must-see-again’ act as I thought they looked and sounded amazing.

After Pallbearer’s frontline got the vast array of guitar pedals in check, it was all systems go.

Now as a fan of Pallbearer, I pretty much knew what to expect. What I didn’t expect was just how insanely superb they sounded live. The songs took on a new meaning of life away from the recorded format. This was akin to a magical wall of sound that resonated and permeated every fibre of one’s being. The sheer power and intensity of each song was overwhelmingly superb.

Photos proved to be very hard to come by. I now know why I haven’t bothered to cover any acts here before. A very dimly lit small stage made tonight’s job somewhat difficult. The two blue and two red lights pretty much did not fluctuate at all for the duration of the band’s set. Lead singer/guitarist Brett Campbell was at stage-right with barely any lights hitting him so it made it a bit of a chore for yours truly to get a standout photo or two, but we made do as best as we could.

Pallbearer have four remaining dates throughout Australia (please see poster below for all dates) and checkout the official Facebook page for the tour.

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