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Misfits Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

Holywood Babylon

I always check the band times a day or so before attending a gig. Especially one I am shooting. A quick peruse over the Max Watts website told me that the Misfits were to be on stage at 11.30pm. Hmm, little late I thought, but I’ll get there early so I can catch the support as well.

And lucky I did because the Misfits were hitting the stage at 10.30pm sharp. A full one hour before their scheduled time. Which would explain the mad dash of people just arriving at the venue thinking the band were to be on stage an hour later.

I had previously photographed the Misfits at this very same venue a few years ago. The less said about that experience, the better. It was a horrid night in the pit and I came away from the show with very little quality photos. The lighting was abysmal (Hifi Bar days).

Can’t complain about the lighting too much tonight. Not at all. It was fine.

But… three songs in the photo-pit for the Misfits equals a grand total of about 5 minutes. It felt like it was over way before it even started. As opposed to if shooting Opeth, 3 songs in the pit is akin to half an hour of shooting time!

It felt as if the first song was over before I had even unscrewed the lens cap off the camera(!)

Minor bitching aside, the band now featured a new guitarist, Jerry Caifa (Jerry Other!) – who did a stellar job and posed for the camera ever so often.

The band literally pounded through a slab of tunes in relentless cum Ramones fashion and sounded totally kick ass.

I enjoyed this gig and was happy to come away with it with a photo or two, unlike last time.

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