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1349 Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

So it was back to Max Watts for the first time this year to shoot Norway’s Black Metal kings, 1349. This was the band’s first sojourn into the land of Oz so the tour was met with great anticipation for fans of Metal of the blackest kind!

As per the norm, the lighting was not the best at Max Watts. It has improved, but compared to other states where 1349 played in, where they were lit beautifully, tonight was a bit of a struggle. As stated, that was expected and not a surprise. You do the best with what you’re presented and either deal with it, or don’t apply for passes at this venue. Yes, its frustrating but after close to 8 years photographing in this place, it is par for the course.

I thought it was incredibly disrespectful to openers Denouncement Pyre to have to go on before a cover band. Bit of a head scratcher that one and over the last 10 years in this caper, I can’t ever recall a cover band playing before an international act. Huh? Don’t get me wrong, King Fate ploughed through an impressive array of Mercyful Fate/King Diamond covers, but they should have opened this bill… not Denouncement Pyre. Besides, there’s a helluva lot more to King Diamond’s schtick than just hi-pitched vocals. His voice is more than that. King Fate got about half of it right.

Denouncement Pyre always deliver their goods and they pounded through their set which also featured a couple of new numbers. They matched it perfectly with headliners 1349 and again I was more than pleased with their performance tonight.

1349 absolutely barnstormed through a barrage of relentless pure Black Metal. A fierce delivery of high energy angst and Satanic overtones.

Denouncement Pyre


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