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Clutch Live @ The Forum, Melbourne

Sometimes… sometimes you know it is going to be a classic night just from having a read of the poster. For starters, Melbourne’s Forum is a fantastic venue to shoot in. It has certainly taken over from where the now defunct Palace use to stand.

Secondly, any bill that features Clutch, Cosmic Psychos and King of the North is a bill that will most assuredly knock it out of the park.

And that’s exactly what it did.

Power duo King of the North kicked things off perfectly. Although it seemed it took them a song or two to click into gear, once they locked in, they were shaking the rafters of the Forum with ease. You ain’t felt nothing until you can feel the air from Danny Leo’s kick drum pound your face as you try to take of one of Melbourne’s finest sticksmen! I always enjoy a King of the North show, tonight was no exception.

King Of The North

Next in line were the Cosmic Psychos. Believe it or not, my first time seeing and photographing the band and boy, were they great! After the initial bass lead problems were sorted, the Psychos pounded through their set with precision, Punk-Like-Aussie-Attitide and a few laughs along the way. They turned it up a notch or two because it actually began to feel really loud towards the latter half of their very enjoyable set.

Cosmic Psychos

Clutch took a while to hit the stage but when they did it was a bona fide Hard Rock show that had the fans behind me singing along to every single word. Clutch has taken things to a whole new level of late. Especially with the last two albums ‘Earth Rocker’ and ‘Psychic Warfare’ which seem to have made them even more popular. Killer records indeed and an absolutely barnstorming, ripper of a set. Full on blistering rock!


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