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Sevendust Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

You get three songs in the photo-pit to do your craft. These days, most gigs come and go. You do your shoot, you get the hell out of dodge.

Tonight was a little different tho. From minutes before Sevendust take the stage, the air is charged to the brim with a sickeningly ferocious electricity. You know full well in the pit of your stomach that this one’s going to be something pretty special!

So yeah, I stuck around after my three songs, kicked it back and watched the show like a punter.

Am I a Sevendust fan? Well I have a passing interest. I have their first couple of albums in my collection, and from memory, I enjoyed those.

Tonight I witnessed a well oiled killing machine. A mechanical fist-fuck of a band enjoying their time on stage and delivering a set of classics with precision and poise.

No idea how many gigs I’ve shot at 170 Russell/Billboard over the last 9 years or so. Tonight was one out of the box! Full house! Walls dripping sweat, emotion and raw energy! Fans clamouring for more and more and Sevendust just giving it back in spades by the pound! Certainly one out of the box with a band so tight and in-tune with not only one another – but their rabid fans as well.

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