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Trivium Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

Silence In The Snow

Trivium are a strange old beast. They’re a band I really don’t know too much about and a band who I haven’t followed over the years. Hey, you can’t follow everyone right? Having said that, I have had the opportunity to photography them three times now. And every time I have witnessed them from the photo-pit, it usually is at yet another sold-out show. The fans love them and they are hugely popular amongst young Metalheads throughout Australia.

And the three times that I have seen and photographed them, I keep making a mental note that I really should invest some time with the band’s discography and see for myself what all the fuss is about.

Ok so on to tonight. I got to the front-desk of 170 Russell in due time. Struggling with a torn ligament in my knee, I was dosed up on all sorts of (strong!) pain-killers but still in enough pain to make walking and/or standing a little painful! It did not help matters when my name was not listed on the guest list so I had to wait about half an hour before being let in. (In nine years of shooting, this is the first time this has happened to me)

I presented my credentials and email which clearly stated ‘Trivium April 13 John Raptis – Photographer’ and after a call or two to the promoter I was instructed that I was supposed to have shot the band last night. If that was the case, I am sure my email would have stated April 12 instead hey?

Anyway. I was granted access and greeted a full-house 170 Russell all primed and ready for Trivium.

The band hit the stage after an incredible rousing rendition of Iron Maiden’s ‘Run To The Hills’ blasting through the PA. God damn it sounded amazing and a wise choice to get an already restless and maniacal crowd even more rabid.

The three song limit in the photo-pit seemed to whiz by today and I pretty much just planted myself in the one spot and did not move around too much (I actually couldn’t because of the injured knee). It really didn’t help when bodies started coming flying over the barrier.

Nonetheless, yet another kick ass night with Trivium.

Enjoy the pics!

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