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Steel Panther Live @ Festival Hall, Melbourne

It Won’t Suck Itself!

It had been a month since I lost shot a gig. Iron Maiden over in Perth felt like a lifetime ago and even though I was feeling a little rusty tonight, I was looking forward to this shoot for weeks!

Festival Hall is a venue I do enjoy shooting at even if for the most part they escort you out of the building after your three-song shoot. Tonight with the cold weather in tow, they let us stay inside at stage left between the acts and graciously granted us a pass to see the show as well.

First time I photographed Steel Panther was at the tail-end of 2013 with a killer bill that also featured Buckcherry and Fozzy. It was an insanely memorable night then and it was just as memorable tonight.

It always is with Steel Panther!

There was a time when the world was full of bands like Steel Panther. They ruled the roust in all their made-up glory and they were serious about it. Deadly serious.

Having grown up and experiencing 80’s Metal first hand, what a parody band like Steel Panther do today – was literally par for the course from about 1981 – 1989 in the American Metal scene. It was that freaking bad and cheesy where Hair Metal and Cock Rock was the biggest thing in music with Quiet Riot, Motley Crue, RATT, Poison, Twisted Sister, Cinderella, LA Guns, Dokken, Bon Jovi, WASP, Skid Row, Hanoi Rocks et al ruling the world and the charts.

And if you want to see bands funnier than the Panther, go see any of the above who are still performing on those godawful retro-metal-cruises to slammed out dudes and dude-ettes well and truly ready for their pension cheques!

The Panther do it to absolute perfection – musically and visually they nail all the cheese with ease and as fun as the 80’s Metal scene was, all I can say is thank fuck for Grunge coming along and wiping the floor with it – up until the point where Grunge itself, became a parody too!

Party All Day, Fuck All Night dudes!

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