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Bullet For My Valentine Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never really heard too much of Bullet For My Valentine. For whatever reason, I get them and Trivium all confused. No idea why so tonight would be the first time I would encounter them and photograph their show.

Joining them on this very exciting bill, where Atreyu and Cane Of Hill. Atreyu I was well aware of and I have a couple of their first albums. Cane Of Hill were a totally new experience.

Arriving into the venue ten minutes before Cane Of Hill were listed as starting, I only had a few moments in the (very dark) photo-pit. The lighting was horrendous and remained that way for most of the night.

The norm these days seems to backlit the fuck out of the stage here at 170 Russell, and no front lights actually lighting the band on at all. I just don’t get it because the light-rig at this venue is freaking amazing when used right. Seems to be a very, very occurrence these days.

I enjoyed Cane Hill. They kinda have the vintage Nu-Metal sound down pat and put forth a pretty energetic set. They were well received.

Atreyu seemed to have disappeared off the radar for a few years but that didn’t stop them causing all sorts of mayhem on the 170 Russell stage. I recognised so many of their classic tunes from the aforementioned first couple of albums and I enjoyed their set thoroughly. Getting a photo proved to be a bit of a chore so one had to be patient and wait for the glimmer of front-light to hit them so you could get a shot in. Frustrating, but you’ve heard it all before.

As stated, my knowledge of Bullet For My Valentine is limited but you don’t get to sell out two nights in a row in Melbourne that easily. The band’s following was simply rabid and all were keen as hell for the band to kick off their set. They did so with bombastic poise and professionalism and commanded the stage like the seasoned veterans they now are.

Cane Hill


Bullet For My Valentine

Bullet For My Valentine

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