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L7 Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

Got So Much Clit She Don’t Need No Balls!

I was approached to photograph L7 for the promoters of the tour a few months ago but even if I hadn’t have been asked, I would sure as hell be clamouring for a pass to this one.

I’ve been a fan of the band for as long as I can remember as has my girlfriend who extensively photographed the band back in their 1992 tour of Australia. Such a long, long time ago hey? (Remind me to show you some of those pics, they are damn good!)

As stated, long time fan and a gig I was eagerly anticipating to arrive. I’ve also had a friendship with Suzi from the band and I am so disappointed that we just could not get the planets to align to meet up this time around. Suzi, you’re a legend and I am so glad I got to see the band live and loud! All the best to you always!

Tonight’s show was long sold out so the enclosed throng of punk rock aficionados were well primed for L7 long before they set foot on-stage.

It was a total mad dash to get the gig. I was two hours out of town on another assignment so I drove like a man possessed to get to the venue on time. This was a gig I just did not want to miss.

L7 took to the stage right on time and blitzed through a fantastic set encompassing most of their back catalogue. When you hear the songs played one after the other as they were, you come to realise just how impressive a catalogue they do have. Apart from the obvious hits from their breakthrough ‘Bricks Are Heavy’ album, there is a plethora of cuts from all their albums that stand the test of time beautifully!

I shot the second half of the set from back and side-stage so I could see (and feel) the tremendous chemistry between fans and band on-stage firsthand.

There are still a few shows left on this tour so if you were considering seeing the gals in your state, please do. It is an absolute killer night of blistering Rock N Roll and one that should not be missed!

L fuckn 7! Yeah baby!

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