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Deftones Live @ Festival Hall, Melbourne

Pittura Infamante

Fuck yesterday was a long day. Worked away on several projects at work that started at 7:30AM. Next thing I knew it was 6PM. I felt ready to crash hard then but I drove home, grabbed my camera gear and headed to Festival Hall.

7:15 shot Voyager. 8:15 shot Karnivool. Sometime after 9, shot Deftones.

Waiting outside the venue between bands and shoot just results in inhaling so much second hand marijuana smoke that my head begins to spin. (Don’t drink, don’t smoke, never been high or drunk in my life!)

Deftones shoot is done. Second gear has truly kicked in and the adrenaline rush is pretty substantial and feels good. A decade into this game and the old heart pumps like hell during shows like this.

10:30 now and I am starving. Grab a bite to eat quickly as I head home. Peel off the clothes and get comfy. Fire up the Mac and begin working on tonight’s photos.

I Instagram a couple of shots pretty much as the gig is just winding up. First to the punch. Scoop everyone.
Tagging, editing, collating, post-processing the three shoots. Finalising all the edits and Dropboxing them all so when my editors get up in the morning, everything is ready.

When all is said and done, my head greets my pillow at 2:30AM.

Exhausted, but can’t even begin to sleep but I am glad I passed on tonight’s Disturbed gig at Margaret Court Arena.

I’m getting too old for this!

You’re likely never gonna hear a band tighter than the Deftones. Precision players with ferocious intensity dancing round like maniacs to the whip on the finest snare drum snap you’ll ever hear! Third time I’ve photographed them, again they left me with my jaw agape! INTENSE!





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