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Remembering & Celebrating Lemmy At The Bendigo Hotel

The King Of Rock N Roll

With the city of Melbourne sweltering in a heat wave from hell, the absolute last place one would want to be was within the confines of a hot, sweaty and sweltering pub in the very urban Collingwood.

But with a night dedicated to the memory of Motörhead’s Lemmy Kilmister, who passed away exactly a year ago… being hot and sweaty and uncomfortable in a Rock club seems kinda app!

Before we get to the happenings of tonight the day kicked off in fine Motörhead form for yours truly. I have been hunting down a bottle of Motörhead Vodka for years. It has proven to be incredibly elusive to find a local distributor that stocked it. Buying it from overseas was no guarantee either as stock was always very limited and very, very expensive. Prohibatly so! But after some considerable sleuth work, I found that a boutique alcohol store literally around the corner from where I live had one solitary bottle in stock! Today, of all days as if the spirit of the Lemster wanted me to have this bottle!

Motorhead Vodka

As stated, I digress but on what is and will be known as Motörhead Day forevermore, it was very apt and had to be mentioned.

As my partner Sam and I were in the area, we decided to go early to the organised Lemmy celebrations at the Bendigo Hotel. The event had been well publicised via its Facebook Event page so there was always a guarantee that there would be a great turnout. Even if Melbourne was sweltering under a very oppressive 38 degrees!

Billed as ‘Murder One A Party For Lemmy’ the Bendigo turned into a veritable fan club get-together for Lemmy and all things Motörhead. There was Motörhead related tattoos available for anyone who could brave the discomfort of getting stung with the tattoo needle in this heat. Judging by the line of people waiting, it proved to be a big success!

With the tattoos under control for most of the night, the mighty Motörhead were blasting live on the TV screens and proector. The $5 Lemmy’s (Jack & Coke) were being drunk plentifully. By night’s end, over 40 bottles of Jack had been well consumed.

Motorhead Tattoos

The entire venue looked like the mosh pit at Festival Hall the last time Motörhead played in Melbourne and there were even dudes wearing the full-on Lemmy summer attire of cut-off denim shorts. Quite a sight to behold I can assure you!

So with Motörhead tunes blaring, the venue getting hotter and hotter by the minute we settle down outside and soon people who were veritable strangers were quickly becoming lifelong friends.

You have not experienced this side of Melbourne until you get to have the iconic local legend Grant McCracken read you out aloud one of his legendary poems. With poise and poetic precision we were rewarded with a reading of his Spunky Punk Chick poem. Utterly brilliant and everyone within earshot broke out with applause on conclusion.

Grant McCracken & Fan In the Daisy Duke shorts!

And whilst I am only reporting on what happened to us personally, looking around the beer garden there were many gathered people in discussion and in the midst of good times.

It was a fantastic gathering and I hope this becomes a yearly tradition. Kudos to all at the Bendigo Hotel who organised this. You can view more on the night via this link.

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