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A Day With Killswitch Engage

The Hell In Me

The last time I photographed Killswitch Engage that ended up being the last time I shot at my favourite venue, The Palace.

I had also photographed lead singer Jesse Leach’s fist spoken word tour of Australia at Eureka Rebellion Trading and so when it came to Killswitch touring Australia again, I hadn’t as yet secured a photopass for the show.

Jesse Leach is a prolific social media user so he put out the word on his Instagram that he was looking to give photographer’s from each state of the tour an AAA pass to shoot as much of the KSE experience as possible.

Great idea and great opportunity. My name was put forth to cover one of the Melbourne shows and next thing I knew I had been granted a pass to shoot these guys again. Fantastic. I’m actually a fan of the band and I have fond memories from their last tour, just how much fun they are to photograph.

Arriving at 170 Russell at 6.30pm, the VIP Meet And Greet fans were getting ready to be escorted into the venue. My contact was the band’s tour manager who led me in behind the VIPs who were there to get some of their stuff signed by the band and a photo or two.

I have been hired to do many Meet And Greets in the past, but for this one I was just there as a spectator documenting the event. Makes a nice change not having the pressure of shooting one of these events I can assure you!

Killswitch hit the stage at precisely 10PM. Literally a bombastic start to a very eager and receptive (SOLD OUT) audience. The forthcoming Tuesday night show is also sold out which is testament to their drawing power here in Australia as they are indeed a fan-favourite.

I consider myself a fan too. They have a habit of making catchy-as-hell tunes yet still remaining heavy, aggressive and a band that does not take itself too seriously. I mean how could you with Adam D in the band(!)

The AAA pass afforded me the luxury of staying in the pit longer so I hung around for about 6 songs as opposed to the usual 3. I also went backstage and tried to take some shots of the band from stage level looking out to the crowd. I never want to exploit the AAA so I try to remain as unobtrusive as follows and let everyone do their job without interruption.

Enough from me, you’re here for the pics…

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