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Solitary Wanderlust – Argos, Greece – Roots Bloody Roots

With this trip coming to a close now, there are only 5 days left before dad and I head back to Australia, I am beginning to reflect on how much change and growth has taken place within me.

It is fitting that the last and final leg of my journey finds me in the very village that my dad (and his dad, and his dad before him) were all born and raised. Although I have spent my entire life in Melbourne, Australia and have lived and been raised as an Australian – there can be no escaping or denying where the core of my being and roots are from.

They are from here. Karya, Argos.

Argos in itself, in the south of Greece in the Peloponnese region, is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Mind blown!

The village of Karya is about a 20 minute drive out of Argos towards and up one of the mountain ranges that completely surround the area.

Wikipedia has a vast amount of info on the area so if you are that way inclined, please feel free to view.

It was always my intention to spend the last week of my trip here.

Whilst I was away perusing as many cities of Europe I wanted to scratch of Part 1 of my Euro bucket-list, dad was back here looking after some business affairs for himself and my deceased mother. And from my understanding of the situation, he is still nowhere near finished what needs to be accomplished.

Greek bureaucracy and red tape is an absolute utter farce! I witnessed it for myself when I arrived here. In the space of an hour of reuniting with dad, we had already been shuffled to four different offices in four different locations of the city – one contradicting the other. Mind you, this is after we paid thousands and thousands of dollars to a Greek lawyer back home in Melbourne to have all this done and dusted. May whatever God he worships have his doors barricaded on my return.

Getting back to the city of Argos and Greece in itself proved to be a day-long challenge. Leaving Budapest at 5AM I did not make it to my ultimate destination until 11PM at night. When I originally booked my flights, there was no direct fight from Budapest to Athens (which is only a two-hour flight!) Instead, I had to travel from Budapest to Berlin and then Berlin to Athens and then Athens to Argos. It was a gruelling day of travel involving a taxi, two planes, and two buses.

Now with only 5 days remaining I have spent some good quality time with dad whilst we are shuffled between Argos and Karya on a daily basis. We are spending our nights in the village of Karya but during the day my cousin Spiro who has excelled himself as a host and has gone above and beyond the call of duty has been taking us to some of the major sites in the Southern Greek region.

Nafplio was a major highlight and one of the most beautiful coastal cities I have ever seen. I will be spending an entire day there on Friday and one final weekend here before we leave.

All the photos I have taken here so far are all below. They probably tell a better story than I, so please, have a gander below…



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