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Solitary Wanderlust – Berlin – Hitler’s Germany Walking Tour

I am so bitterly disappointed that this is my final night in Berlin.

I wasted far too much of my holiday in Athens and should have taken one of those weeks to use up in Berlin. You live and you learn but rest assured, this is a city I could easily call home, if I was that way inclined and already I am making plans to return. Maybe even at the tail end of this holiday when I still have two weeks as of this moment in time, unplanned. We shall see.

So today I decided on doing a walking tour. The one I really wanted to do was ‘Underground Berlin’ where you get to see many aspects of the city… under ground. Tunnels. Bunkers. Nuclear shelters! Amazing stuff on offer. But there was a catch. No photography. I actually told the guides I would happily pay three times the ticket if they would allow me to shoot, but no. So, no photos, no tour. That’s how I roll – fortunately or unfortunately.

Next on the agenda of tours that I was keen on… ‘Hitler’s Berlin The Third Reich Tour.’ This sounded fascinating to me and at the end of the day, I am so glad I got to partake in it.

We explored so many aspects of Hitler’s Germany from the rise of the Nazi Party all the way through to the end of WWII and the Russian liberation of Berlin.

Standing on top of Hitler’s bunker literally gave me chills as we heard the story of his and his minions ultimate death. Please watch the movie ‘Downfall’ as the ultimate cinematic depiction of Hitler’s last days. I recognised the area from the movie almost immediately. Not that there is any mention of Hitler in the vicinity, but the feel of the place and the layout of what is now just a carpark… I knew exactly where I was and where I was standing.
The tour moved on to the Monument To The Murdered Jews Of Europe. A tranquil and peaceful location with over 2,000 rectangles of various heights in a neat formation. Some are taller than others as the lay is hilly and it is quite a emotive and reflective space to be at.

So after an extensive day or Berlin and Nazi history I had to figure out how to head back to my home base and prepare for tomorrow’s journey to Prague.

I will be catching the train from Berlin to Prague and I am very, very, very much looking forward to that journey and the sights that it will have to offer.

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