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Solitary Wanderlust – Berlin To Prague

Somewhere In Germany

Goodbye Berlin, Hello Prague

With Berlin over and done (for now!) the next leg of the trip is Prague. Just a mere mention of the name to friends who have been here and their eyes automatically light up. Originally, I was scheduled to fly in via a convoluted way – Berlin to Brussels, Brussels to Prague but due to some last minute problems with that flight, I was scheduled to come via train. That did not bother me one iota as taking a long train ride through Europe, is something I have always talked about. I was delighted that it was coming into fruition.

Besides, Prague is only 400 kms away from Berlin so a train ride through country Germany and into Prague is the stuff of dreams!

Early start to the day as I had to be at Berlin Hauptbahnhof for a 9am departure. Well, we didn’t leave till 10am after all as the train was delayed due to a prior malfunction. So that made the day extra long and a little tiring.

The train ride itself was nothing short of stunning. In fact, it was almost fairy tale like in places. Soundtrack for the day was going back and forth from Nick Cave to Tori Amos albums. Yeah, I was in that sort of mood.

Passing through Dresden with all those amazing homes alongside the river was simply breathtaking. Slowly drifting over to the Czech Republic side and the German architecture was slowly being replaced by Czech. Equally as beautiful. Equally as stunning.

I’d gladly take the train through Europe again over flying. Any day of the week!

Finally arrived in Prague and a quick and cheap Uber ride to my apartment was soon completed. My digs are really cool! Albeit a nasty walk up 6 flights of stairs carrying luggage was the last thing in order! I was beginning to miss that little scary elevator thing in Athens now so badly!

As I have 8 nights here, I am taking it easy tonight and just settling in. First point of call was to scope out any supermarket to get the basic supplies. I soon found out that English is very rare here and when you ask someone if they speak it, they treat you like you’re trying to sell them drugs(!) First day here, not very friendly Prague!

At a small convenience store run by an Asian lady, I had a helluva time trying to ask for milk. Even resorting to miming the milking of a cow seemed totally alien to her! “I’ll go look myself!” I told her. Found it and she finally got the cow reference then. Sheesh!

Quick impression of the city, my God, it looks like a Baroque soundtrack come to life! So many classic building and architecture.

Gonna have some fun here!

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