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Solitary Wanderlust – Budapest & The House Of Terror

I am now down to the last two weeks of what has been a two month vacation.

Although it has been a long time since I was home, over the past week, it all feels as if it is flying past now. Which is a good and a bad thing.

For one, travelling alone has been rather lonely at times. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the solitariness of it all at times but at the same time a trip such as this needs to be experienced by more than just one. At the same time, it has been an incredibly eye-opening experience. I feel as if I have grown on so many levels and I have discussed this growth in past blog posts. And I wanted to. I wanted to grow and not only see the world in a different light, but to also see me.

There have been anxiety battles and they’ve been dealt with and conquered head on. Face to face each and every fear whether big or small has been dealt with.

The fear of the unknown has been defeated and now it only takes me a few hours to acclimatise in a city where I have never been before. Within a day, I know my way around and I feel confident in many aspects of every day life… even if I cannot speak the native language of whatever city I am in.

Tomorrow is my final full day in Budapest. I have a couple of very early flights to get back to Athens on Thursday and then travel down south to Argos to meet up with dad. He needs my assistance to tackle some of my deceased mother’s affairs (the whole reason for this trip in the first place).

Initially, I was going to go back to Berlin for a week, but time is not permitting that right now so I will be back in Greece to hook up with dad on Thursday. We will be leaving back for home not too long after that.

Today, my plans were up in the air. I was either going to visit the Budapest Castle on the other side of the Danube or I was to go and check out the House Of Terror museum. I could have easily done both, but I wanted to spend an entire day at the Castle so at the flip of a coin, the House of Terror won.

The House of Terror is a living testimony to the two terror regimes that the country of Hungary has had to endure in her history.

Getting to the place also proved to be a bit of a terror because for some reason or another I took a train to get to the place and ended up miles of where I was supposed to be. Realising my mistake, I decided to walk back the 8kms or so toward the museum so that I could at least explore more of Budapest by foot and camera!

Located at Andrássy út 60 it contains exhibits related to the fascist and communist regimes in 20th Century Hungary. The building is also a memorial to the victims of the regime including those detained, interrogate, tortured and killed within the confines of this very building.

There was no photography permitted within the museum which was a shame as there were some incredible displays on offer and presentation. But I abided by the rules and put the camera away for the duration of my visit.

I made it back to my apartment just as the heavens opened and a deluge of rain hit the city. According to my weather app, it has been threatening to rain every day I have been here, but I have been blessed with beautiful sunny days each and every day.

Let’s hope tomorrow stays the same as I would like to spend my final day in this incredible city out and about!

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