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Solitary Wanderlust – Budapest

Arriving in Budapest late yesterday afternoon, I didn’t have too much time to go out and do some exploring.

Apart from stock up on some necessary supplies and have a nice hot shower, I took it easy and just settled in to a stunningly gorgeous apartment in the heart of the city.

Today tho, things were a little different. I woke up early, got ready and headed out straight away. The forecast was for rain but fortunately, not a drop was spilt so I was spoilt to a glorious sunny day.

My first day in a new city is never planned. I pick a direction and then begin walking! Paid off today as only a kilometre away or so, I was at the foot of the mighty Danube river. Flowing through the heart of the city and dividing Budapest into two distinct halves… the city side, and the magical castles and dungeons and dragons on the other(!!!)

I set about to capture as much as I possibly could or until my feet fell off… whatever came first and although Budapest isn’t as overwhelming and ornate as Prague on first viewing, she really is not without her magical beauty and charm either. It is there. Plentifully so! Rich with history and some stunning architecture the city seems like a happy place with life, love, music, food, parks, children, laughs all around you wherever you look and wherever you turn.

I explored so much of the city today and walked close to 20kms on both sides of the river.

Tomorrow, we continue…

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