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Solitary Wanderlust – Prague Day One

With my first full day in Prague before me, it was time to hit the pavement and see what was out there.

On the loose agenda for today was to head out to Prague Castle and as it was only about 5km away from my apartment, I decided to head there by foot. That way I could explore and get a feel for this city from the ground up.

It proved to be an incredible scenic and breathtaking walk as I was overcome with amazing colour and architecture along my journey.

Everywhere you turned, everywhere you looked a postcard scene was unfolding before your very eyes. I could not help but to snap away with my camera every five meters it seemed.

With my iPhone guiding my way towards the Castle, I would stop and peruse the scenery that was falling my way as I was heading to my ultimate destination.

Stopping for a drink of water in the heart of the city, I spot the Franz Kafka revolving mirror statue which had attracted many tourists posing in front of it taking snaps. I had to wait for the area to clear a bit before I could get a shot without selfie-sticks flooding the air.

It truly is an incredible city. At times I felt as if I was walking within a giant movie set of a Fairy Tale film and I found myself telling myself… “is this real? Is this really real?”

There is beauty wherever you look. Bright colours and Baroque, Classical, and very Gothic architecture wherever you turn.

Almost at the Castle and stumbling through a small street I see an advert for an Apple Museum. For real? And there It was! An incredible collection of Apple and Steve Jobs history! I’ll write more about that in another post and share some stories and photos from that.

Across the way from that was an old church so I walk inside to see some of the most grandiose statues and religious iconography as I have ever seen. It was incredible in its gargantuan size and stature! There was a wedding taking place inside with only 1 or 2 guests so as quietly as I could I had a quick explore.

And then, you see it for yourself. Around a few more corners and through some more alleyways you come to an opening and a bridge which takes you to the other side. Up ahead, Prague Castle awaits.

After an absolutely glorious day weather-wise, the clouds were beginning to look ominous. Which kind of was real fitting what with the scene unfolding before your eyes.

There was about a 1,000 metre climb to get to the top and as tired and fatigued as you are getting, nothing in the world is going to stop you getting to the top.

Extensive security patrol the area. Military and local police are on high alert screening every single guest before they are allowed in. It creates a bit of a bottleneck, but in times like these, it is fully understandable.

Witnessing the cathedral for the first time, really is akin to a religious experience. It’s size can’t really be captured by a photo as the courtyard in front of it is very small and the angle to get a photo of it is obtuse and difficult. But walking in with a throng of fellow tourists felt like one was approaching the Pearly Gates! I kid you not. It was a moving moment because the building is one of the most impressive I have ever seen.

I must have taken thousands of photographs today with plenty more to come in this incredible city. There is quite a lot I want to do whilst I am here and so much I want to photographically document!

Below is the full gallery of today’s adventure

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