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Ill Niño Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

I don’t think I have ever had this long a break between shooting gigs.

The last time I was in a photo-pit I was shooting Killswitch Engage back in March. Throw a three month European vacation in the mix, and the time between gig drinks was now plentiful.

No wonder I was beginning to miss it. Still, the break was good but the calendar for the rest of this year is already filling up nicely with some great shows to come.

Tonight it was a return to the Max Watts venue. I don’t seem to recall any photographer friends of mine listing this as a choice venue to shoot a gig. It’s always a case of hope for the best when you cover shows here.

On the agenda tonight were Latin Metal legends ill Nino ably supported by the masked Terror Universal.

Can’t say I was a fan of either band or had really bothered to check out their music. ill Nino had sporadic song across soundtracks and compilations about a decade or so ago but I never really checked them out more fully.

Opening proceedings were Terror Universal. Looking very much like a combo of Slipknot and Mushroomhead and coming across as rather silly to be honest. Enough with the masks. Its been done to death. Musically they were fine and I really dug their closer of Rob Zombie’s ‘Superbeast’.

ill Nino played through a fine set. As stated, I wasn’t familiar with their stuff but the largely appreciated audience certainly did.

Photographically it was the standard fare Max Watts experience. Just wait for that rare front-light to shine so you can get a shot or two!

Terror Universal 

ill Nino 

Shot for Silver Tiger Media

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