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Stone Sour Live @ Festival Hall, Melbourne

Friday Knights!

You know I just realised, this would be the first time I would be shooting Corey Taylor sans his usual Slipknot mask and paraphernalia! A new experience if you will and certainly my first time shooting Stone Sour.

From the outset, I kinda find Stone Sour to be a Metal-By-Numbers sorta band. But having said that, they do it so freaking well that they’ve managed to garner quite a following amongst the Metal set. Kudos to Taylor who can so effortlessly front two world renowned bands with such ease.

He is backed by a killer band of seasoned pros who all but guarantee a kick up the ass for anyone attending.

Judging by the singalong voices of the almost capacity Festival Hall, I may be in the minority of what my views are on this band!

Photographed for Libel

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