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AFI Live @ The Forum, Melbourne

Feed From The Floor!

I had the opportunity to first shoot AFI at the Melbourne Soundwave Festival of 2014. But as always, seeing a band in a festival setting as opposed to a more intimate theatre can be quite contrasting. And what an intimate theatre Melbourne’s Forum has become. Quite possibly this is now Melbourne’s finest music venue which always has a fantastic atmosphere, sound and lighting!

I haven’t shot here since the recent renovations in the place and I must say, the old girl is looking absolutely stunning!

Amongst the gothic confines of the Forum, AFI seem and look perfectly suited.

A high-octane and high-energy show was in order and the band took to the stage like men possessed.

I have missed photographing shows in this venue. It has been a while but I am hopeful to get more shows here over the while. After all, it was the first venue I ever shot a gig in, so there is certainly a nostalgic attachment to the place.

It was a very busy photo-pit tonight. Many, many new faces in attendance or probably photogs who don’t cover the Metal scene as much as I do.

You’re here for the pics, I get it! Enjoy!

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