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Dream Theater Live @ The Palais, Melbourne

Images And Words

Back in the mid 90’s I had a 6 month job as a medical courier. Day after day I would drive 400kms. It was an exhausting job but with a box full of tapes the everyday journey was made that little bit easier.

Dream Theater’s ‘Images And Words’ album was a companion. A constant companion. I played that sucker so much. I knew it intimately! I knew it backwards. Each and every complex Portnoy drumbeat was played on the steering wheel to absolute perfection.

That was then, this is now. I have been fortunate enough to photograph the band on their last 4 tours to Australia. All at the beautiful Palais Theatre in St Kilda. Which as aesthetically wonderful it is to watch a gig, shooting one is difficult.

You are only permitted to shoot from the aisles. With a very deep stage, it makes it a chore to be able to get everyone from the band in shot at any given time. Especially the drums and keyboards which are pushed way in the back.

With Dream Theatre as well, you are only permitted the first 15 minutes to shoot. Not the usual 3 song limit which for a band like these guys, is about an hour(!)

Unfortunately tonight the 15 minutes included a 3 minute intro tape as well as a couple of minutes of stage banter. Them’s the breaks. You gotta work by the rules and capture the absolute best you can. I did notice one photograph in a strong argument with the tour promoter due to lack of time shooting. That was totally uncalled for. Rules are rules man. You abide by them in this business or miss out shooting next time hey?

Dream Theater were superb. Magic even. The sound these guys generate, my God! It is beyond words. Way beyond.

Enjoy the snaps below…

Shot for HEAVY Magazine

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