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Glenn Hughes Live @ Hamer Hall, Melbourne

Classic Deep Purple Live

I had never photographed at Melbourne’s Hamer Hall in the past so before tonight’s gig I did some research on what sort of conditions I would have to adhere to.

I found out from fellow photographer’s that it is usually shooting from the aisles, similar to what shooting at the Palais Theatre is like but a little smaller and more confined.

But before I could even get ready to shoot, there were a few pure Spinal Tap moments that occurred.

The place is a 6 storey underground rabbit warren! Picking up your pass at the stage door also granted you a keycard to access well… everything!!! You are left to your own devices to go to wherever you want to shoot. No accompaniment. No real direction. “Go wherever you want…” All well and good, but I don’t know where to go!

I ended up walking through the back of the stage, past the dressing rooms, production offices, up a flight of stairs, down another, through this door or is it that one till I finally found my way through to the front of the stage! Occupied by a video crew on both sides who promptly told me that area was going to be out of bounds for the night so alternative shooting arrangements had to be made quickly!

The balcony pretty much on the stage was the only real place to shoot from. So I was literally to the extreme right balcony above the band. Although it proved to be a difficult shoot, at least I’d be getting to work with some different angles and perspectives.

I usually like being to the right side of a guitarist so that I can capture their picking hand side rather than the guitar neck on the other side.

I’ve been to shows at Hamer Hall where every single seat in the house has been sold out. (Tori Amos, PJ Harvey) but tonight the entire third tier was empty and the remaining two, sporadically filled. I’d say the venue was at about 60% capacity. Which is a shame because the set that Glenn Hughes delivered was one bordering on classic! Classic Deep Purple that is. The small crowd numbers did not ruin the night. The band played their hearts out to a receptive audience keen to hear these songs live and loud.

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