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Kreator Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

Satan Is Real!

This show was sold out long ago and you know that fully when you arrive just as the opener is beginning their set into what looked and felt like a full house already.

Local lads Direblaze tore it up to tremendous reception not usually afforded to the local opener, but they held their own and did a tremendous job. Unfortunately I was unable to photograph their set as one of the bouncers refused me entry into the pit.

Vader took the stage next and we were privileged to one of the best sound mixes I have ever heard at 170 Russell/Billboard. It sounded freaking amazing and the crowd, now even fuller, loved it to the max. Classic old-school Thrash Metal delivered by seasoned pros.

Unfortunately for us photographers present, it was a very difficult night in the trenches. Whilst all the backlighting looked amazing, the lack of any sort of frontlights hitting the band, it was almost impossible to photograph nothing but silhouettes. I was hoping things would improve by the time Kreator took the stage but alas they didn’t.

With Kreator, we were instructed by the band’s tour manager that we would not be shooting the first 3 songs, but songs 4, 5 and 6. Not a problem. With all the pyro, smoke and glittered confetti being shot out from canons at the foot of the stage, it may have made things a little dangerous. Totally get it. Not an issue!

Let’s face it, Kreator are seasoned pros. You’d expect them to always deliver the goods no matter what stage they stomp on. Be it massive Euro Metal Festival or the smaller venues of any foreign country, they deliver it in spades.

Tonight was not exception. I have had the opportunity to photograph these guys twice now, and twice I have seen their fans in delirious rapture and all-out insanity.

The entire tour across the country has been met with the same response so it is safe to say we’ll be seeing these guys on our shores again within the next touring cycle.



Kreator Poster

With thanks to my friends at Metropolis Touring for tonight’s access.

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