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Max & Iggor Live @ The Forum, Melbourne

Roots Bloody Roots!

With the city of Melbourne having just hosted 95.000 people at the AFL Preliminary Final, and with the Richmond Tigers having just won their way into the Grand Final – you can just imagine what it was like to be in the city tonight!

It was utter chaos and even if I left home an hour ago, I struggled to find anywhere to park the car and head into the Forum for tonight’s Max & Iggor concert.

I also did not want to miss openers Skindred as I have been hearing great things about them on this tour.

With my credentials secured and only minutes till Skindred hit the stage, I made my way into the pit in readiness.

I can quite categorically say that the Forum is my favourite place to photograph bands and I am hopeful we will get to see many more shows in this place.

Tonight she was absolutely beautifully lit so I knew I was going to have a good time in the old pit tonight.

Skindred I knew nothing of. The name rang a bell. That’s about it. After their performance tonight, my limited knowledge of them is sure to change. They were fuckn incredible. Their mash of Metal, Dub Reggae, Nu Metal, Ska and everything else chucked in for good measure was infectiously fun and exciting. Loved their performance immensely!

A little incident just before Max & Iggor took the stage on Saturday night quite nearly meant that there would be no photos to show!

I wear contact lenses. Without them, I am blind. I have a prescription of -7.25. Legally blind. Moments before the show began, I lost a contact lens from my right eye. Looking through the camera’s viewfinder with my eye sans contact would be nothing but a blurred mess!

The Forum by this stage of the night was at absolute capacity! My car was parked blocks away and the band were due to hit the stage in 5 minutes.

I had dropped my contact lens on the floor and could not find let alone see where it was. I turned on my iPhone flashlight on and luckily spotted it on the ground.

A random girl next to me asked if I was a negative 2. She has a spare contact lens. Whilst her offer for help was huge, the lens would do little to help me see.

I asked the security card for some water and began to clean my lens. Water isn’t the best way to clean them, but I had no other choice. In my other camera bag at home, I have tons of spare lenses but in this bag… none!

In the relative darkness of a Rock N Roll venue, I finally got the lens in place just as Max & Iggor where about to unleash hell.

Can you imagine if I did have to photograph them pretty much blind? Would have been a very interesting experiment!!!!


Max & Iggor 

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