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Slipknot: Day Of The Gusano

It is amazing how far Slipknot have come in a relatively short space of time. Much maligned by elitist purists but their rise (and rise) has made them one of the biggest bands on the planet probably only second (or maybe third) to Metallica and Iron Maiden.

They are a huge drawcard across nearly every country on the planet and even when they dare to hit uncharted territories such as Mexico in this documentary, they sell out their shows across the board.

There is really nothing new to see here but the absolute rabid Mexican fanbase are almost a star within itself in this movie. Some of the cuts showing the massive crowd are literally a sight to behold.

The 90-minute documentary premiered in more than a thousand screens across the world as a one-night-only cinematic spectacle on September 6.

I was lucky enough to see the film at Melbourne’s Jam Factory with a small crowd but one or two did come fully decked in Slipknot overalls and masks!

I have had the opportunity to photograph the band twice across the journey in 2012 and 2015. Watching the movie last night with my partner, she commented to me just how in the hell did I manage to get any photos of them seeing as they are maniacally energetic on stage.

I told her that was half the fun of working the Slipknot gig!

The concert scenes throughout are superbly captured with plenty of on-screen time for each member and the individual chaos that they bring. A couple of ‘too-fast’ edits and cuts here and there but a very, very enjoyable concert film nonetheless.

I got chills on the back of my spine at times recalling times of photographing Metal bands in the photo-pit over the years and it was a nice reminder just why some of us do devote so much of our lives to Rock N Roll photography.

I am sure we will see ‘Day Of The Cusano’ as a home release over the coming months, but to truly have experienced it, you needed to have been at one of the global one-night-only screenings of it.

A ton of fun. Which is exactly what Slipknot are and always shall be.

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