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Adam Ant Live @ The Palais, Melbourne

Feeding Me To The Lions!

The success of Adam and the Ants particularly in Australian happened at the tail end of all the KISS hysteria that had overcome the country in 1979/1980. There would be many, many members of the KISS Army who had defected over to the Ant Invasion that took Australia (and the rest of the world by storm) in 1981.

My sister happened to be one of those Ant devotees so there was plenty a night when the Kings Of The Wild Frontier album would be blasting out of her bedroom.

So much so, there isn’t a single track on that album that I could not sing a long too. Such was the ferocity of her constant playing of this record.

For old times sake when the callout for photographers to shoot this gig came about, I put my hand up – even if we were greeted with a photo release that was hardly fair to any of the photographers shooting this show. I had already committed to this gig when the release was flapped under our noses a couple of days later. Too late to back out now.

Held at the glorious Palais Theatre which is a real treat for audience members but a tough shoot for photographers… aisle only as there is not designated photo-pit.

I like shooting from the stage right/house left at most shows as it is a cleaner and more open view of right-handed guitarists and/or singers who mainly hold the mic stand with their left hand. Shooting from the aisles will open up the performers more than shooting them from the other side where guitar necks etc may get in the way.

The lights dimmed, the band took to the stage and for the first time ever in the Palais, I saw the audience get to their feet collectively and dance along to the music. Doesn’t happen too often in this venue.

Adam and co all looked and sounded amazing. Playing the entire Kings Of the Wild Frontier album, live, it sounded phenomenal! No bones about it, live these songs take on a whole new lease of life.

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