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Napalm Death, Brujeria Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

I’m not a fan of Death/Extreme Metal and/or Grindcore or whatever it’s called. Can’t get into it. Once the riff is gone and unrecognisable in a sea of guttural vocals and speed, I lose interest.

So when it came time to put my hand up for tonight’s gig, I had other reasons in mind.

I first shot Napalm Death back in 2009 when I was just getting at the beginning of my music photography career. It is the one gig I shot where I could not even salvage one decent pic from the night. It was a disaster of a night and I needed some personal redemption. I needed to shoot Napalm Death again.

Tonight’s venue Max Watts was absolutely filled to the brim. Upstairs and downstairs. The last time I had seen the venue this packed was when Ghost played that magic gig here back in early 2014.

With a four band bill for tonight, it seemed Melbourne’s extreme Metallers had come to play. Not too bad for a Tuesday night!

On the bill were local lads Black Rheno (a three piece consisting of drums, vocals and guitar – no bass). Lock Up, Brujeria and the aforementioned Napalm Death which all featured bass maestro Shane Embury on bass duties for all three bands(!) And you can bet your bottom dollar he did a stellar job for all three acts!

It turned out to be a fun night. I really enjoyed Brujeria’s set and came away with some mental notes of picking up some of their discography. They were fuking fun and totally got the crowd nice and ready for Napalm who proceeded to lay to waste all that was left.

Lock Up


Napalm Death

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