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The Tea Party Live @ The Forum, Melbourne

Army Ants

Let me state from the outset, I’m not really a fan of The Tea Party. Lots of respect their way, but if I want to listen to Zeppelin, I’ll listen to Zeppelin. But… man oh man, what a phenomenal sound these guys generate. Absolutely stunning and a better sounding Les Paul you are likely not to hear.

Safe to say, they won me over tonight.

With an early start at Melbourne’s beautiful Forum, the band played two sets. Kicking things off a little after 8pm, the band played the entirety of their ‘Transmission’ album which was celebrating it’s 20th anniversary.

It is simply amazing the depth of sound three musicians can produce. Each member of the band so wonderfully proficient on their respective instruments. It was easy to surrender oneself in the magical tones pouring forth from the stage.

Here are some snaps from the night…

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  1. Dude, top pics (once again). I was a HUGE fan back in the day until a got a bit sick of the Moroccanroll overload…however you’ve inspired me to crank the first 3 albums LOUD once again 🙂

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