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Mayhem Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

Personally, it is always a good omen when the year’s gig circuit begins with a Black Metal classic! And this one boys and girls, was as classic and BLACK as it can get.

With a sold-out crowd at Melbourne’s Max Watts, you could tell the night was brewing something special from early on! In fact, most of these Black Metal flavoured gigs usually do!

As tired as I was, it felt great being back in the pit again tonight. Said hello to many, many familiar faces and then it was on with the show.

First sighting of Tasmania’s Ruins and I sure hope this won’t be the last. They were freaking unbelievable and tore the place a new one I can assure you.


The night continued with brutal two piece Bölzer who had summoned some sort of raw energy tonight. The sound emanating from just a drummer and guitarist was something to behold. Bölzer commented there’s a special type of atmosphere here tonight. He was not wrong.


And then things just got blacker. With an announcement over the PA before the show imploring the audience to not use their mobile phones during the performance and to not use flash to take away from the performance.

Thick columns of sickening white fog had enveloped the place. In all my years of going to gigs and/or shooting gigs, I have never seen anything like this. It was plentiful and at one point I felt my lungs will up with the stuff. I came close to passing out!

On the stage, Mayhem, the one true Mayhem were putting forth what can only be described as pure, unadulterated, filthy, vile Black Metal.

It was one out of the box as the band performed the ‘De Mysteries Dom Sathanas’ opus.




Mayhem Poster 2018

Shot for Overdrive Magazine

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