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Papa Roach Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

This one landed late on my desk last Friday.

And to be honest, I didn’t and don’t really know too much about Papa Roach. Sure I had heard of them, but I really had no desire to shoot them to be honest.

What convinced me to do the shoot is when I found out that local lads The Ugly Kings would be opening the show.

Once that little nugget of info was forthcoming, I decided to shoot the gig.

This was the first of two sold out shows for Papa Roach, so whilst my knowledge of them was limited, I can’t say the same about the mass of fans they drew.

It was great seeing the Kings again. I think it was a year to the day of when I last saw them and shot them and again, they were wonderful tonight.

The Roach was next. Extremely high energy and horrible, misty lights greeted me.

Shots below.

The Ugly Kings

Papa Roach

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