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Foo Fighters Live @ Etihad Stadium, Melbourne

There is a reason (or two) why the Foo Fighters rank as one of the biggest, if not THE biggest rock band in the world. Actually, there were over 48,000 reasons jam packed into an almost full-house Etihad Stadium this night that the Foos came to take Melbourne.

I can’t say I am a fan of the band, but I do have a passing interest in some of the stuff the band has released over the years. You are guaranteed at least 2-3 really good tracks on every album they’ve released. Take all those particular songs and piece them together in a live set-list, add some fantastic musicians and the charismatic Dave Grohl to lead it all, and you have yourself a winning formula.

Add to the fact that the Foos are Triple M darlings and probably featured on that radio station 10 times a day… everyday, and you’re guaranteed a sell-out crowd at huge arenas Australia wide.

Having said that, I had an absolute blast photographing them tonight. It was fantastic seeing local lads Clowns opening proceedings. They are a young band who I have had my eye on for a few years and one I personally believe are going places!


Clowns had a receptive audience in attendance for all those who got to the show early or the GA ticket holders who wanted to get as close to the front as humanly possible.

Weezer came and went and during their set all of us photographers were waiting outside to be escorted back into the venue by our allotted manager.

There were about 12 photographers tonight. Each split into two groups of six. One group was stage left, the other stage right. There was a huge ramp down the middle which split the middle of the arena. You could only photograph from one side and not cross to the other. Also, we weren’t permitted to step back along the corridor next to the ramp to hopefully get some cool stage shots. Pretty much, you could only shoot from the feet of Mr Grohl. With a 20 foot high stage before you, things were very limited in what you could see and/or shoot.

But in situations such as these, you do the absolute best you possibly can.

It seemed like an eternity before the Foos hit the stage but once they got going… it really was all systems go. Their live shows are the stuff of legend and tend to drag on for hours. I was just glad that after the three song limit to shoot the band, it would be an early night so I could get the photos ready for my editor before midnight for a change and not well into the AM.

Enjoy the photos!

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