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Overkill & Harlott Live @ 170 Russell, Melbourne

Even if I had done some promo photography for the Harlott guys a couple of years ago, tonight was my first viewing of them in a live environment.

There is a reason why these guys are signed to the prestigious Metal Blade label. (Hi Brian!) They know Thrash. Pure Thrash! They know it well and all its nuances. Which is not what you can say about a lot of their contemporaries.

They were absolutely phenomenal tonight. Along with Desecrator last night, these are two Melbourne bands delivering the goods on a world class level.

Be proud Melbourne. You breed them well in the art of METAL!!!

I mean, there wouldn’t be too many bands that get to push the headliners all the way but Harlott did it nicely.

And this was just how much of a legendary gig this was for as amazing and impressive as Harlott was, Thrash pioneers Overkill took it to a whole new level.

They’ve toured these shores a few times but I have been otherwise preoccupied or booked to shoot someone else. Tonight finally, we got to mingle and do it hard!

The diminutive Bobby Blitz took command of the 170 Russell stage and refused to let go. Leading his band through a well planned pillage of Melbourne town!

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