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Venom Inc & Desecrator Live @ Max Watts, Melbourne

Ave Satanas!

Venom are one of those bands one thought they would never see in their lifetime in Australia. And I guess we pretty much haven’t but we were privy to seeing the next best thing and that’s Venom Inc.

Featuring two past original members of the classic era Venom (Abbadon and Mantas), Venom Inc. have pretty much picked things up where the Cronos led trio left things off.

Now let by Demolition Man aka Tony Dolan, Venom Inc have landed on Australian shores and are doing a stellar job of laying all to waste. A stellar job!

So once I heard that local legends Desecrator would be support for this tour, I jumped at the opportunity to get a photo pass via my various media outlets.

I haven’t had a chance to photograph Desecrator for a few years now as the freaking planets never seem to align. The band rank as one of my fave Australian bands so I was super keen to see them AND photograph them.

I could not believe just how much they have improved and taken things to a whole new level. The words ‘World Class’ were ringing loudly in my ears as well as main-man Riley’s crunching guitars. They were truly superb and I felt damn proud watching them do their thing to a very, very, very receptive hometown audience.

With Desecrator done and dusted, one of the bouncers came up to me and said he was so impressed with their set that he was off to buy a t-shirt and an album! That’s the spirit!

To be honest, I wasn’t ever really a fan of Venom. They were a bit of a laughing stock back in the day due to their lack of ability but the laughs soon stopped when the band spawned a whole new genre of music and so largely influential on the oncoming Black Metal movement of the early 80’s and beyond.

They played an incredibly impressive set here in Melbourne and were fun to photograph albeit in difficult lighting conditions. The usual fare at Max Watts but whoever was doing the lighting for Desecrator – kudos to you! You know how to do your job well!

A fantastic night all round but we return for a bout of more Metal tomorrow night at 170 Russell.

The torture never stops!



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